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Calvert Island


As far as where we disperse the ashes, that is totally up to you. We are capable of conducting it pretty well anywhere on the BC coast.  Your favourite beach... a special cove... a favourite fishing hole... off an island... off a point... off a dock... in front of a cabin... a favourite cove or anchorage, in front of a yacht club or shoreside facility... You choose, and we will be there! Dispersal of ashes can be part of the celebration of life, or it can be just a group of relatives and close friends. Remember, this is your ceremony, so you get to direct it and plan it.   Creative Gatherings simply provides the vehicle for dignified dispersal of the ashes.  Contact us if you have any questions...

Viking boat at beginning of ceremony

Viking Funeral Cremation Ashes

The Launching

Typically, upon arrival at the specified location, you, the client will pass the cremation ashes to us. Some folks request all the ashes to be dispersed via this method, other folks request that some of the ashes are retained for other dispersal.  The ashes or urn are placed on our platform on the Viking boat.  In keeping with the traditions of burial at sea, the cremains or urn are covered with the national flag.   The Viking boat is adorned with candles in windproof candle holders. The candles are lit, the floor drains in the boat opened and then the Viking boat is nudged away from shore or the dock as the attendees admire the event from shore.

Viking boat half sunk

Viking Boat sinking

The Farewell

As some of the "ashes" are particulate or "grit" that sink, we endeavor to disperse the ashes in deep water, where in the future children will not be playing, nor folks walking in bare feet.  We feel that to spread ashes where they would be walked on would be somewhat disrespectful to the deceased.   We alleviate this problem by previously setting an anchor a short distance from shore in deeper water. As the ceremony proceeds our staff will remotely draw the  Viking boat out towards the anchor and deeper water. The Viking boat slowly fills with water.

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While the Viking boat is slowly sinking, memories are shared, music played and vocals sung. This process can be timed to last anywhere from a half an hour to two hours. The amount of time for the boat to sink is totally up to the client. This will be arranged beforehand.

Viking Boat 1

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Final Farewell

Eventually, the Viking boat fills with water to the point where the candles are submerged and extinguished. The Viking boat sinks fairly quickly at this point, and the ashes are distributed in the water as the boat goes under. 

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Eternity With The Whales

As the Viking boat sinks the cremation ashes are dispersed in the water and the remains of the deceased are forever swimming with the whales.

After the ceremony, our staff employ our unique recovery system to recover the Viking boat and return it to our facility. 

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