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If you have been holding on to the ashes of a loved one awaiting a befitting opportunity to disperse them, or if you are contemplating end of life requests, read on to find out about professional service that lends ritual and dignity to the occasion.

Bidding adieu to a loved one, be it a spouse, parent, child, relative, friend or even a pet is a memory that we cherish forever. Here at Creative Gatherings, we feel that the final closure, the dispersal of cremation ashes should be dignified, elegant, professional and memorable. Our staff  have elaborately designed an opportunity to bring all these elements together to provide you with a memory befitting the occasion.

Our "Eternity With The Whales"  is based on the premise that the sooner our remains return to the biosphere of our planet, the better our planet will be.  This is an opportunity to show  honour for those have passed on by celebrating  their personal passions for water, boats, oceans, sailing, fishing or whales.  

Spreading ashes of a loved one can be so much more rewarding than a brief moment of emptying an urn. Follow us through our journey of making it as memorable as possible.


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