Frequently asked questions

  • Remember to wear warm clothing.  
    It is always cooler by the ocean especially if there is breeze. Attendees will likely be there for at least an hour or possibly more.  
  • Plan your access.
    Plan your access to the location so that if there are folks in your party that are physically handicapped, that they will be able to attend.
  • Duration.
    This is not a "dump and run" that happens in a few minutes.  Total attendance time will be a least an hour or more.  Warm clothing, a warm beverage and if the ceremony is after dark a flashlight is recommended. A lawn chair may also be a good idea to bring along. 
  • Children.
    As this ceremony will be oceanside, ensure that children are properly supervised and wear a PFD if required. 
  • Flowers
    Flowers and other memorabilia that will be in the boat at the time of the ceremony,  must be 100% biodegradable.  Wire ties and plastic wraps holding bundles of flowers together must be removed.
  • Picture or memento
    It is common to want to have a picture of the deceased or a memento attached to the Viking boat. Photos should be enclosed in a frame and our staff will attach them to the boat. As photographs and frames are not biodegradable they must be attached to the boat. Our staff will return them to you after the recovery of the Viking boat.
  • Beach Fire
    It is still legal in many areas on the coast to have a beach fire. Rounding the event off with a beach fire is a wonderful finish to the event. Always check with local authorities regarding fire restrictions before having the fire.
  • Multiple cremains
    We can accommodate the cremains from two individuals per event if you have two that want to be swim in eternity with the whales together. 
  • Music and/or vocals
    As music and vocals can add to the occasion, remember that sound travels far across water. Music and vocals should be acoustic only so as not to interfere with beach front properties.
  • Urns (biodegradable)
    If the ashes are to be committed to the deep in an urn, the urn must be biodegradable.  These are available on the internet. The urn should be enclosed in a cotton or biodegradable bag and weighted so that it sinks to the bottom and does not float.
  • Urns (other than biodegradable)
    Non biodegradable urns may be used to transport the cremation ashes to the Viking Boat. Bear in mind that if the ashes have been in the urn for some time, they will have settled and compacted and will need to be loosened with a poker or some tool before they will flow out of the urn after the Viking Boat sinks. Non biodegradable urns are attached temporarily to the Viking Boat and are returned to the client after recovering the Viking Boat.
  • Photo Opp
    Please feel free to photograph or video the proceeding.   We do offer a separate service to have the ceremony professionally photographed.
  • Up Country, Out of Province and Out of Country 
    BC literally has thousands of miles of beautiful pristine coastline  that is uninhabited and whales roam freely. It is possible to ship cremated remains (cremains) with you as baggage if you fly or to ship them by common carrier.  It is best to check with airlines and freight companies as to what specific restrictions apply.  There is a plethora of local ocean front accommodation on the coast available for attendees. Contact us and we may be able to help with facilitating a ceremony.  Alternatively, we can distribute cremated ashes on our own and relay the photos and information to you.  Please contact us for information. 

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