Viking boat first funeral

Our First Viking Funeral

Many years ago, John had a fellow ardent sailor friend pass away. He felt that it was befitting to give such a die hard sailor a proper Viking Funeral. Together with the partner of the deceased, we organized our first Viking funeral. It was a very rewarding and emotionally charged event that sticks in the memory to this day. The idea sat dormant for a long time.

Over the years, John attended several ash dispersal events that included burial plots. As he wandered the graveyards he noticed so many graves from years gone by that were overgrown with weeds and seldom if ever were attended. This did not sit well with him. This fell into the "not the way to do it" territory.

Other ash dispersal events that he attended were situations where the ashes were cast to the wind. That felt a lot better, except for the macabre part of the slightest puff of wind enveloping the attendees in a cloud of ash. This also fell into the "not the way to do it" territory.

Later he attended a "natural burial". At this particular burial, attendees were expected to shovel dirt, gravel and rocks into the grave of a body wrapped only in a cotton shroud. This fell into the barbaric territory for him and he designated it also as "not the way to do it".

Viking boat underwater

Viking Boat Underewater

Eureka moment

Next, a niece of his passed away prematurely, due to the opioid crisis. He got together with his daughters and siblings and conducted an Eternity With The Whales event. This second ceremony was much more polished than the first.

Over the next year, the idea of offering a simulated Viking funeral ceremony to folks to disperse the ashes of loved ones kept surfacing. There were some hurdles to cross. The biggest problem was the recovery of the Viking boat after it sinks. The option of leaving the Viking boat at the bottom is not an option! Most environmentalists would consider this to be very bad form!  After many many different attempts and techniques, he finally designed, manufactured and installed a reasonable method of recovering the boat. And here we have it.. an Eternity With The Whales ceremony that combines elegance and beauty to assist in cremains dispersal.

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